My name is Danielle.

Un Deux Trois is a creative outlet and a means to share, connect and learn from those who have like inspirations.  This is a collection of opinions and ideas but is not a complete representation of myself or my life.  

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is home.  I am a mother, a wife, a sister.  

My home is where I find energy.  My kitchen is my sanctuary.  Creating & building is how I grow.

This is what makes me smile:

Seeing my boy first thing in the morning, still hazy and groggy from sleep with hair that could put a rat's nest to shame.

The smell of coffee brewing while I admire the above.

Packing for a warm beach-y vacation.

Hearing the 'pop' on a bottle of bubbly.

Setting the table for friends and family to share a meal.

Finding my husband's warm feet under the covers.

When I (rarely) manage to get red lipstick just right.

The way my four year old son refers to something that is brand new as "new brand."  Ex:  "Maman, I love my new brand boots!"